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Many employers find it difficult to find the right job candidates for their jobs, especially if specialized, technical skills are required. If you are reading this, it’s likely you are one of those employers.

Ready to Work New Jersey is designed specifically to help companies like yours find, identify and train the best possible candidates for available positions. Already, more than 20 companies have made commitments to work with us, citing the extra visibility the program and benefits the program will give them.

On-the-job training of selected candidates is at the heart of this program. The program will reimburse your company for up to 90 percent of wages or salaries paid to a job candidate while in training.

If you are interested, read on to learn how it works.

Qualified Jobs

This federal program primarily targets jobs relating to the following industry clusters:

  • Information technology
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Advanced manufacturing

NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development is funding us to target jobs in the other industry clusters:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation, Logistics and Distribution
  • Retail, Tourism and Hospitality

If your company has job openings related to one of these sectors, then we encourage us to contact us directly.

Selection & Training of Job Candidates

Once you have decided to work with us, we will ask you for precise skills and qualifications you are seeking in a job candidate.

Through this program, you can hire entry-level workers all the way up to the most highly skilled programmers, analysts, project managers, engineers and technicians. We will work through a variety of public and private agencies to identify prospective candidates meeting your criteria, and we will put each candidate through a skills assessment process.

Job candidates can come from one of two places: The pool of long-term unemployed, underemployed or veterans in New Jersey due to the great recession, defined as those who have been out of work for six months or longer, or working below their potential.

Once you have selected a job candidate, we will work with you and that candidate to create an individualized training plan. This will include on-the-job training at your place of work. The candidate can also be sent for any outside training prior to hiring

The outside training will be provided by one of our education training partners, which includes four year colleges/universities and the state’s 19 community colleges.

Training can lead to industry certifications or technical degrees, if required. Training in employability skills is available for entry-level job candidates and others who need it.

Reimbursement of Wages & Salaries

This program will reimburse your company for between 50% and 90% of the job candidate’s salary or wage costs during on-the-job training and transition period. Smaller companies are eligible for the higher reimbursement rates.

***Introducing – Paid Work Experience***

What is Paid Work Experience?

Paid Work Experience is part of the Ready to Work grant awarded to the New Jersey Community College Consortium. This program is designed to assist graduates by connecting them with careers that match their college degree or training. Employers who participate in this program are eligible to reimburse 100% of the new hire’s salary up to $9,600 and reimburse up to $400 for your administrative costs. ($10,000 total)

If you are interested, please: Contact Us

Employers already committed to the program include:

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