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Top 4 Reason You Didn’t Get a Job Offer.

A job search is a competition, and only the absolute best candidates get a chance to compete for the top spot.Oftentimes the difference between the candidate that’s hired and the runner up is quite small. The same goes for who gets selected to come in and interview for the position. The reasons why you weren’t selected vary depending on which part of the process you make it to. Learn why you didn’t get the job at each stage of the process and what you can do differently on your next interview. Read More.

9 Signs you Nailed the Interview

If there’s one thing that drives people crazy when applying to jobs, it’s the uncertainty. Of course, you always want to get a job offer, but if recruiters give you prompt feedback on your application status — even if it’s negative — you can generally deal with it pretty well. Those days after an interview where you aren’t quite sure where you stand, though, can be simply maddening — especially if you feel like you did a pretty good job. Read More.

Asking for Time to Consider the Job Offer

​You’ve successfully interviewed, you’ve wowed the hiring manager, and you have an offer for a new job. It sounds wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to start the next phase of your career, and it is terrific that you were the candidate who was selected. But, what if you’re not sure that you want the job?

When you”re not sure you want the position.

3 Things You Should NEVER Do After a Job Interview

Many candidates believe that the interview is the toughest and most important part of the application process. However, how you follow up after the interview is just as crucial.

You might have made a positive impact on the hiring manager, but you need to maintain your efforts. There are many critical, yet avoidable, mistakes applicants often make after participating in an interview. Hiring experts outlined a few of the most common, and how to recover. Read More.

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