Bi-Weekly Job Byte

10 Questions You CAN Ask at an Interview

A job interview is not just a place for you to show your stuff and prove to an employer that they should hire you.

It’s not a stage where you are meant to walk out into the harsh lights and dance and sing, like American Idol.

It’s a meeting. The person interviewing you is auditioning to be in your movie. They are checking you out, and you are checking them out as well.

Most job seekers are afraid to ask many questions in a job interview. They are afraid that somebody might not like their questions. That’s understandable. For years we have been taught to keep quiet, sit up straight in our chairs and interview like good little job seekers. Read More.

​How To Know When It’s Time To Walk Away From An Opportunity
I remember the moment I was first on the fence about whether or not to say yes to an opportunity. It was early in my career, actually the first real job offer I ever received in my life. I hadn’t even graduated from college yet and I got an offer to work at a major news corporation in New York.

I wanted to say no, because I wanted to take a chance on myself. But who in their right mind says no to a full time…Read More.

5 Reasons Even a Great Resume Will NOT Help Your Job Search

One of the most common inquiries I get from prospective coaching clients is about fixing their resumes:
  • How can my resume get me more interviews?
  • How can my resume get noticed by recruiters?
  • I have been unemployed for a while. What’s wrong with my resume?
If you find yourself looking to your resume for answers to explain your as-of-yet unsuccessful job search, you are likely looking in the wrong place. Sure, a strong resume definitely improves your job search chances. But there are other, more important factors in a hiring decision. In fact, regardless of how strong your resume is… Read More.

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