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What the Latest Hiring Trends Mean for Job Hunters

If you hope to get a job soon, you’ll be encouraged by what I heard at the fourth annual conference (“Search for Greatness”) held last month in Austin, Texas. The upbeat forecast for job hunters: The job market is hot, employers are having a tough time finding talent and more companies want to recruit a diverse workforce.

Since is the world’s largest job search engine and the dominant player in the online employment space, it’s no surprise that this year’s conference attracted over 1,700 employers eager to learn from Indeed’s executives and economists about the most effective ways to recruit talent in today’s competitive hiring landscape.

So what does a tight labor pool mean for your job search? I’m a career coach, and here’s my take based on what I learned from the conference: Read More.

Trends changing how companies hire in 2018 and beyond 
The HR world has certainly changed over the past decade—after all, when was the last time you saw a resume or cover letter on thick, expensive paper that came via snail mail? (Or if it was recently, it was probably a rare sighting.) Like every other field, HR is susceptible to changes and trends. Some aren’t built to last (remember the video resume trend for a minute?), but others are geared toward making your job easier in the long term. Read More.

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Hiring Trends For 2018 ​& How They Impact Executive Jobseekers​​

With unemployment at record lows, combined with baby boomers retiring at an all-time high, companies are competing for the best talent, especially at the executive level. Today’s hiring process indicates companies are relying on artificial intelligence and algorithms as part of the mix to choose the next hire.


  1. Evolving technology is having a growing effect on the employment landscape and is impacting all industries. To stay competitive, companies are hiring executive leaders with the skills and insights to drive their organization with new technology. “Technology has impacted every aspect of search… Read More

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