Weekly Job Byte

How to Move Down the Career Ladder

Sometimes, moving down the career ladder, instead of up, can make sense. It could be by choice, if you want to opt out of a fast-track career for a job that’s less stressful or for a job that’s more fun. In other cases, especially in a down job market or an industry that’s not doing well, it can make sense to look at alternative job options and downsize your career.

How do you move down the career ladder instead of up it?

First, you need to consider the fact that you may earn less money. But you may also have more flexibility, less stress and more employment options. Then, you need to consider what alternatives are available and how to find and apply for them. Read More.

How To Write a Cover Letter When You’re Overqualified
What can you do if you’re overqualified for a job, but still want to apply? When the job market is difficult, there may be a shortage of jobs that you are qualified for and it can make sense to expand your job search. Or, personal reasons — such as starting a family, wanting a shorter commute, etc. — may make jobs a few rungs lower on the career ladder appealing.

If you do appear overqualified for a job, you’ll need to… Read More. 

​How To Apply For A Job You Are Overqualified For

Being highly qualified is not usually a negative when it comes to career opportunities. There are times when an organization might hesitate at the resume of an applicant who appears to be more experienced than they need.

Why Is Being Overqualified A Concern?

Job seekers need to understand why companies may avoid hiring applicants who are qualified above the expectations of the position.

  • They are concerned they cannot afford you. With years of experience often comes a higher salary range. Read More.

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