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Two Essential Career Moves To Make Before 2018
The minute a new school year starts, the pace picks up. In France they call this period “La Rentree” — the re-entry to life after the lazy days of summer. It’s time to get serious now. 2018 is just four months away.

You can get a jump on the new year by taking two simple steps for your career — and grow your muscles at the same time!

Here are the two essential career moves to make during these last four months of 2017:

  1. Get altitude on your career — enough to make a simple career plan for 2018 (I’ll explain how to do this in a moment).
  2. Get your outward-facing persona up and running. (Keep reading!)

What do these two essential career moves mean — and what do they mean for you? Read More. 

Tips and Tricks about Body Language
Ten minutes after I meet with a coaching client for the first time, the client is facing my video camera for 60 to 90 seconds. Then we watch the video together. Differently from in real life and because we have modern technology, I can separate the impression—and the client’s image—from the spoken words. I simply turn the speakers off so I don’t get influenced by the video’s verbal content and context. This is a powerful experience, one that provides rich information. In most cases a client can use that information…  Read More. 

Ultimate Social Media Job Searching Guide

Using social media when job hunting can be a daunting process! We fully understand how difficult it can be to get your head around all the social media jargon and complexities.

This guide will clearly walk you through all the social networks, dos and don’t, showcase a wealth of amazing statistics and everything else you’ll need to have a better chance of an employment offer in your hand in no time!

Let’s do this!

Note: If you don’t have time to read the whole article today why not bookmark this page or share it to your social media account!  Read More.

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