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Here’s why you didn’t land the job after acing those interviews

When 26-year-old Alyssa Jeffers interviewed for a full-time community manager role at a marketing agency in January, she met with three senior-level employees as well as human resources.

Everything looked promising. They took her on a tour of their Morristown, N.J. office, pointing out where her desk would be and talked about the vacation day policy, not to mention her salary.

“I immediately sent a thank you email when I got home and mentioned that I was looking forward to hearing from them later in the week.”

Then, crickets. Read More.

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10 ridiculously smart questions you should ask in a job interview
In a crowded job market, the last thing you want to be is forgettable.

Yet people do it every day with this one mistake: not asking any questions in a job interview.

The mistake is understandable. You’ve been so busy preparing to answer questions, that you’re forgetting to show the curiosity that lets interviewers see what you really want to know.  Read More

​15 Ways to Describe Yourself in an Interview
“How would you describe yourself?” It’s an interview question you should anticipate and practice so you can put your best foot forward.

In just about every interview, the interviewer asks the question, “How would you describe yourself?” While this is something that should be anticipated and practiced, many job seekers overlook the importance of this question and fail to take the time to formulate the right answers.

Moreover, when describing ourselves, we should approach our answers in an honest, candid manner. Even though some answers are laid out below, always ensure that you phrase these in our own words; authenticity is important.

To better give you some guidance, here are 15 ways to describe yourself for your next interview:
“I would say I’m…”  Read More.

​Step 1 in the Ready To Work NJ Program – Job Readiness Workshops!

​​Improve your chances of getting a new job and complete the first step after registering (and being accepted) by taking advantage of the Ready To Work NJ 2 Day Workshop! These 2 day workshops help with resume & cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, networking & social media tips.

Upcoming workshops are scheduled at:​​​​​​​​​​

  • Essex CC – Aug. 15 & 17 – Contact Monica Rock
  • Middlesex CC – Aug. 23 & 24 – Contact John Radvany
  • County College of Morris – Aug. 15 & 22 – Contact Jaci Teune
  • Brookdale CC – Aug. 25 & 26 – Contact John Radvany

Candidates may also receive a phone call from the participating Colleges. Note: if email link doesn’t work, please use the first initial last name @ njworkforce.org to send an email.