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How to take advantage of RTWNJ in 2017 – Part Six

By all appearances you’ve taken advantage of everything the Ready To Work NJ program has to offer but your still not back to work. What the heck is going on??? In this, the final part of how to take advantage of the RTWNJ program, we’re going to highlight some of the things we’ve seen that are contributing to a lack of employment.
  1. You’ve attended a 2 Day Job Readiness workshop but didn’t update your resume. It seems like an obvious fix but many haven’t completed the task. Yes, it does take some time. Yes, it needs to be customized for virtually every job you apply. Yes, what you previously had didn’t work. Why then haven’t you made the changes?
  2. You never updated your skills section in the TaPO database. You think what you have in there is going to drive great job leads but you’re not getting them. Do you have terms such as: Team Player, Quick Learner, Microsoft Office, and Dedicated? These keywords won’t help with job leads AND if they’re in your resume (unless MS Office is a job requirement) they’re just taking up space! Do you know JavaScript, APICS Supply Chain Certified, CNC Machinist, or a CNA? Specific keywords are what is needed to push great jobs leads! Make sure you update your keywords on any job boards you subscribe too.
  3. Can you say LinkedIn? What improvements have you made to your profile? None? Time to start!
  4. When is the last time you’ve attended a networking event? A year ago, when you did it for work? It’s time to get out there and speak to people! Alex Freund, The Landing Expert, has an exhaustive list of area networking opportunities. Check out his website.
If you’re still feeling lost, please reach out to your program coordinator for suggestions and good luck finding your next best opportunity!

How to Choose Winner Keywords for Your Resume?
Many job seekers do not know that keywords are used in resumes and it could potentially have them miss out on great opportunities. We all know that keywords are used by bloggers to direct search engines to their websites.

Keywords in your resume will have the same effect. You want to use keywords that the recruiter will be scanning for. When those keywords aren’t discovered… Read More. 

​In order to apply, you will need to complete the form and upload your cover letter & resume. If you have any questions, the program coordinator’s email is listed in the form. In order to be eligible for these positions, you must be qualified & enrolled in the Ready to Work NJ Program.

Click HERE to view our listings. Please note that you will have to zoom in on the document to read the position information. Please note we keep job listings for 1 month. ​

6 Things to Try ​If You Can’t Find a Job
Unemployment can do a number your self-esteem, not to mention your bank account. If you’ve been papering the town with resumes and still aren’t getting any nibbles, it’s easy to sink into frustration and despair.

You can take some small comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone in your struggle to find a job. Although the number of unemployed Americans has fallen over the past two years, there are still about 7 million people out of work and looking for employment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A quarter of them have been unemployed for six months or more. Once you add in people who have given up looking for work or who have part-time jobs but would like to work full-time, the number of unemployed and underemployed people in the U.S. doubles. Read More.

​Step 1 in the Ready To Work NJ Program – Job Readiness Workshops!

​​Improve your chances of getting a new job and complete the first step after registering (and being accepted) by taking advantage of the Ready To Work NJ 2 Day Workshop! These 2 day workshops help with resume & cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, networking & social media tips.

Upcoming workshops are scheduled at:​​​​​​​​​​

  • County College of Morris – July 13 & 20 – Contact Jaci Teune
  • Essex CC – July 18 & 20 – Contact Monica Rock
  • Bergen CC – Aug. 3 & 4 – Contact Monica Rock

Candidates may also receive a phone call from the participating Colleges. Note: if email link doesn’t work, please use the first initial last name @ njworkforce.org to send an email.