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​How to take advantage of RTWNJ in 2017 – Part Five

Once you’ve attended a 2 Day Job Readiness Workshop and completed a Employment Development Plan (EDP), it’s now time to think about training.

What type of training do you need that will give you the edge when applying for a new job? If you’re in the IT industry, do you need cyber security or Scrum Master training? Does PMP or Six Sigma make sense? Are you looking to make a career change and would CNC manufacturing be a fit? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself. The State of New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development has a guide of industry valued credentials that could help you determine what you would need to change industries or remain competitive in your current field. Click here to view. A demand occupation list is also available on the bottom right corner of the link.

When looking for training, we ask that you look to your local community colleges first. New Jersey community colleges are our grant partners and many provide career pathways once your initial training is completed. Typically, courses are offered through the Continuing Education departments. Training must be listed on the njtrainingsystems.org website to be eligible.

Through the RTWNJ Program, each candidate is typically eligible for only one approved course or program. Make your selection count. Training should be of a short term nature; designed to get you back to work quickly.

Here is the link for the Individual Training Request form. Before submitting, please make sure that you have attended a 2 Day Workshop, completed an EDP and, if required, uploaded proof of unemployment to our system. The training request form MUST be completed fully, including 3 employment opportunities for the training being requested. Failure to complete the form in it’s entirety may result in denial. Please provide at least 3 business days for the approval process.

​If you have any questions, please reach out to your program coordinator.

Starting Your Career in Cyber Security
A year ago, I wrote an article entitled Starting Your Career In Information Technology. As your career goes on, you may find yourself traveling down different routes than you originally planned. This article is a follow-up, designed to give an idea of what cyber security has become for me after I transitioned to it from networking.

To begin, I was self-taught. I started out as a system administrator and IT manager. Read More. 

​In order to apply, you will need to complete the form and upload your cover letter & resume. If you have any questions, the program coordinator’s email is listed in the form. In order to be eligible for these positions, you must be qualified & enrolled in the Ready to Work NJ Program.

Click HERE to view our listings. Please note that you will have to zoom in on the document to read the position information. Please note we keep job listings for 1 month. ​

​Here’s what you need to land America’s best jobs
The nation’s best jobs boast salaries that average $100,000 and up, offer generous company benefits, and promise to have recruiting suitors fighting for your hand.

But they are highly technical roles carrying job descriptions like DevOps engineer and analytics manager that demand an alphabet soup of computer skills as well as incessant on-the-job learning.

So do you have to be a math genius with a spare PhD in physics to get one of these great gigs? What we found might surprise you.

USA TODAY conducted a series of interviews with people in the nation’s top jobs, as well as with those recruiting and training candidates for these roles. Read More.

​Step 1 in the Ready To Work NJ Program – Job Readiness Workshops!

​​Improve your chances of getting a new job and complete the first step after registering (and being accepted) by taking advantage of the Ready To Work NJ 2 Day Workshop! These 2 day workshops help with resume & cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, networking & social media tips.

Upcoming workshops are scheduled at:​​​​​​​​​

  • Bergen CC – July 6 & 7 – Contact Monica Rock
  • Brookdale CC – July 7 & 8 – Contact John Radvany
  • County College of Morris – July 13 & 20 – Contact Jaci Teune
  • Essex CC – July 18 & 20 – Contact Monica Rock

Candidates may also receive a phone call from the participating Colleges. Note: if email link doesn’t work, please use the first initial last name @ njworkforce.org to send an email.