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How To Research Salaries When Job Hunting

If you’re looking for a job, you might want to research salaries before heading into an interview.

True, employers are pretty determined to pay the lowest salary they can get away with, and — given the large pool of unemployed job-hunters out there  — they can get away with a lot. Still, that’s only true sometimes.

If you have talents or experience that is much in demand, then the power equation shifts. In that case, you need to know what the going rates are for the work you are skilled at doing. That way, if the employer lowballs you, you will know it. Read More.

​Uncover the Hidden Job Market
Hunting for a job at any age is not easy. After age 50 this task can be more difficult as you may not have looked at the job market for a long time. The best secret in your after 50 job search is to study and learn the value to uncover the hidden job market.

It’s been estimated that only about 20% of the job openings are actually advertised. So if you use your creativity in finding a new job after 50 you will usually find great job leads in the other 80%. Read More.


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