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Why You Should Lead With Motivation In Answering
The Only Three True Job Interview Questions

Want the job? Lead with motivation. There are only three job interview questions and only three answers. In the vast majority of cases each of the final candidates has the strengths required to do the job. And while the main reason people fail in new leadership roles is poor fit, that’s relatively difficult to assess up front. This leaves motivation as the most important criteria for selection. Be ready to answer all three interview questions, but lead with motivation. Read More.

​​​I’m Networking Like Crazy — But I Still Don’t Have A Job
Everyone recommends networking as a great way to get a job, but it isn’t working for me.

I’ve had lunch or coffee with at least fifteen different people including ex-colleagues, ex-vendors and people I met at networking events and I still don’t have a job.

When I meet with someone to network, I bring my resume and I walk through it with them. I tell them what kind of job I’m looking for and they usually say they’ll spread the word or they’ll keep their eyes open for opportunities for me. Read More.

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Ten Interview Questions ​That Scream ‘You Don’t Want This Job’
Fear is the most powerful force in the universe that no one talks about.

Fear has tremendous influence over our career decisions.

When you’re afraid of your boss (as many if not most working people are) you keep your mouth shut at work when you really want to speak.

When you’re running out of cash and you’re afraid of missing your rent payment next month, you’ll ignore signs on a job interview that tell you “Get out of here — you would hate this job if you got it!”

Our fear makes us miss signals Mother Nature is trying to send us.

We pretend that we won’t hate the job, even when the signs clearly point to a miserable experience for the poor person who gets hired. Read More.

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