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Brush Up Your Skills with FREE eCourses from Velsoft LMS!

RTWNJ has over 800 eCourses available from Velsoft LMS with 50 licenses available for candidate use. Courses include soft skills training; Microsoft Office products; supervisory skills; and much more.

Access to the eCourses can be requested HERE. Once granted access, the eCourses are available for 1 month. You will receive an email with login information. Typically access is granted at the beginning of each month. Should you require more time, please submit another request.

​​10 Job Skills That Will Get You Hired Sooner
If you’re in the market for a new job, you’re not alone. More than 75% of full-time employees are either open to new opportunities or actively looking for work, according to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study.You might be more than ready for a career change, but you may not have the skills it takes to get noticed by recruiters. Read More.

​In order to apply, you will need to complete the form and upload your cover letter & resume. If you have any questions, the program coordinator’s email is listed in the form. In order to be eligible for these positions, you must be qualified & enrolled in the Ready to Work NJ Program.Click HERE to view our listings. Please note that you will have to zoom in on the document to read the position information. Please note we keep job listings for 1 month. ​

Never Fail Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

The world is very small. Need proof? Consider that there are over 3.5 billion Internet users globally, with over two billion people accessing the Internet from a handheld device. Combine that with the fact that you can learn almost anything online, via YouTube or websites dedication to educational endeavors such as Udemy, and it means that some skills — maybe any — can easily be learned and executed by anyone across the globe with access to high speed internet.

Make no mistake, pursuing an education and learning a skill is vital in a career these days. In research conducted by NoGRE.com, since 1980 the number of jobs requiring more education, experience and training has doubled compared to jobs requiring less preparation. Read More.

​2 Day Job Readiness Workshops Filling Up FAST!

​​Improve your chances of getting a new job by taking advantage of the Ready To Work NJ 2 Day Workshop! These 2 day workshops help with resume & cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, networking & social media tips.

Upcoming workshops are scheduled at:​​​​​​​

Candidates may also receive a phone call from the participating Colleges. Note: if email link doesn’t work, please use the first initial last name @ njworkforce.org to send an email.