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***NEW*** RTWNJ Program Benefit WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development

To succeed in the workforce, you need more than academic knowledge and technical skills—you also need strong interpersonal, professional, and self-management skills. RTWNJ is happy to offer the ETS WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development to all participants to help develop these key work readiness skills.

The WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development begins with a computer-based assessment that will provide a detailed report on your strengths and areas for improvement six areas related to workforce success: Initiative and Perseverance, Responsibility, Flexibility and Resilience, Teamwork and Citizenship, Customer Service Orientation, and Problem Solving and Ingenuity. After you complete the assessment you will have access to an interactive online Training Program, which uses videos, scenarios, and mock job interviews to help you practice these skills. You can work through the Training Program at your own pace, and will receive a Certificate of Achievement when you complete the Training Program. Developing these skills and behaviors can give you the edge you need in today’s competitive workforce!

ETS is a global leader who develops, administers and scores more than 50 million assessment tests annually in more than 180 countries, at more than 9,000 locations worldwide. In addition to assessments, they conduct educational research, analysis and policy studies and develop a variety of customized services and products for teacher certification, English language learning and elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. Click here to request access to the program. Once verified you will receive a link with log-in information directly from ETS.

3 Tips For Negotiating Higher Pay
Have you ever received a job offer and thought, “I wish the starting pay was higher”? At a time when getting the offer should be cause enough for celebration, you might assume negotiating for more pay is taboo.

Not true! Here’s one reason why you should:
$5,000 More Now, $600,000 More Later

A study by Michelle Marks of George Mason University and Crystal Harold of Temple University (this INC magazine article shares more), surveyed employees in a number of jobs/industries, and found that… Read More.

In order to apply, you will need to complete the form and upload your cover letter & resume. If you have any questions, the program coordinator’s email is listed in the form. In order to be eligible for these positions, you must be qualified & enrolled in the Ready to Work NJ Program.

Click HERE to view our listings. Please note that you will have to zoom in on the document to read the position information. Please note we keep job listings for 1 month.

Top Ten Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

In my work with hundreds of clients, from GED applicants to PhD holders, from CEOs in transition, to new college graduates, I have used these tips to help them land their dream jobs. I hope you find them useful.

10. Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It
Whatever you focus on, grows. I personally have experienced this in my life. At age 30, I was so focused on what wasn’t working in my life, that it kept me stuck, angry and depressed. Lucky for me, our pediatrician recommended the book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. From this book, I learned the importance of managing my thoughts and – –  as I shifted my thoughts from resentment, anger, and blame to gratitude… Read More.

2 Day Job Readiness Workshops Filling Up FAST -Limited to the first 25 participants!!!

Improve your chances of getting a new job by taking advantage of the Ready To Work NJ 2 Day Workshop! Upcoming workshops are scheduled at:

  • Ocean CC – Oct. 8 & 15 – Contact John Radvany
  • Brookdale CC – Oct. 13 & 14 – Contact John Radvany
  • County College of Morris – Oct. 14 & 21 – Contact Jaci Teune
  • Middlesex CC – Oct. 18 & 19 – Contact John Radvany
  • Camden CC – Oct. 24 & 25 – Contact Dan Lim

Candidates may also receive a phone call from the participating Colleges. Note: if email link doesn’t work, please use the first initial last name @ njworkforce.org to send an email.