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How To Make Your Skills Look Exciting On Your Resume
(Because That List You Have Now Is Boring)
Recently, I spoke with a job seeker from the IT world who asked me about writing up the “skills” section of his resume. It went something like this:

“Jennifer, how do I write up my skills without straight up listing them? I need to find a better way to convey what I’m capable of without boring someone to death.”

Good question.

Normally this isn’t the part of the resume I get a lot of questions about since it’s feels kind of basic and relatively straightforward (unlike, say, deciding if you should include a summary or how many bullet points under each job), so I asked to see what he was working with. Read More.

The Myths of the Job Hunt EXPOSED
Do companies only hire overqualified candidates? Are cover letters really that important? Separate the facts from the fiction with these clarifications.

Every individual has a job-hunting strategy that they are proud of, along with a list of things a job seeker must never do. Some of it is good advice, and some of it is downright blasphemous. While certain myths of the trade are harmless, others are disastrous to the success of a job seeker. Read More.

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16 personality traits that can help you land any job

Hiring managers look for different things in job candidates.

The traits they’re seeking may be determined by the role they are trying to fill, the company they work for, the industry they’re in — or just personal preference.

But there is a certain set of characteristics that almost allhiring managers find appealing.

“Managers can usually find job applicants with sufficient technical skills — or at least the capacity to acquire them. But youcan’t teach, for example, honesty or character,” says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job.” Read More.

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