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Millions Battle Unemployment On the ‘Wrong Side of 40’


Like millions of Americans, Brian Perry lost his job at the height of the Great Recession, when he was laid off after spending 16 years as a clerk with the same law firm.

“The guy who owns the law firm called me his right-hand man for many years, right up until the time where he dumped me,” says Perry, of Rumford, Rhode Island, who in January 2008 found himself among the ranks of the country’s unemployed.

And like millions of Americans, Perry had to hunt for another job late in his career and in the midst of the worst economic downturn in decades. He asked that his age not be disclosed, but he said he was on “the wrong side of 40” when he lost his job.

“The key to it is you need to have a good sense of humor,” Perry says. “I had no time for shock. I went out the following Monday and started looking for work.” Read More.

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The Hidden Mental Costs Of Unemployment

“Everyone thinks the biggest impact of unemployment is to the wallet, but it’s not. Finances certainly take an immediate hit, but it’s the individual’s mojo that suffers the most,” says Marilyn Santiesteban, assistant director in career services at Texas A&M University.

She worked as an outplacement training consultant before and during the recession, meeting with laid-off employees immediately after getting the bad news. The psychic pain of feeling, “Something must be wrong with me; why won’t anyone hire me?” takes a real toll. Read More

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