Weekly Job Byte

Why Did The Unemployment Rate Rise
In A Largely Positive March Jobs Report?
An otherwise solid jobs report for March featured one odd quirk: The unemployment rate edged up to 5 percent from 4.9 percent. It’s a slight change but still bound to attract attention, given the broader narrative of falling unemployment for the past five years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics described the increase as “insignificant,” as it fell below the 0.18 percent necessary to be deemed significant. But economists greeted the uptick as good news. In essence, it means more people want to work.

One of the lingering effects of the Great Recession has been a vast pool of adults who simply gave up on finding work. The government does not include these sidelined workers in its official unemployment rate. Read More.

5 Ways to Keep Your Job Skills Fresh
At one point or another, most of us take a break from work. It may be planned or unexpected. It could be precipitated by life changes, such as having a baby, adopting or taking care of an aging parent. Or we may be laid off and out of work for an extended period of time. No matter the reason, the best thing you can do is to remain engaged professionally.

This is important for a number of reasons, including your mental health. Faced with a long bout of unemployment after working for some time can easily lead to an unhealthy rut.  Read More.

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​Don’t Let ‘Backdoor References’ Kill Your Shot at Landing a Job

Picture this: You walk out the door from an interview at your coveted next job and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You nailed the interview, gave great examples of your experience and successes and even charmed the hiring manager with stories about your backpacking trip through the Himalayas.

The employer has asked you to share your references. You’ve kept up good relationships with these folks and are confident in what they’ll say. You know they can only help your cause.

What could possibly go wrong? Read More.

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