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How to take advantage of RTWNJ in 2016 – Part Three

Now that you’ve attended a 2 Day Job Readiness Workshop and have sharpened your resume & cover letter, it’s time to clarify what you are going to need to find a new career. Next step, our Employment Development Plan (EDP). We liken the EDP process to a road map or better yet a GPS (global positioning system) for career planning.

Imagine that you’re on a road trip. You are leaving New Jersey and heading to Abingdon, Virginia for a weekend of peace and quiet. Since you are without a map or GPS, you just start driving south. Instead of ending up in southwestern Virginia, you are now located in Cape May. Maybe your plan was going to the beach, but you catch my drift.

Getting focused on an employment plan will really help you narrow what you want to do and how you want to get there. What types of industries are you interested in? Do you need training? If so, what kind of training? Are there jobs in this industry? Where are they?
Really put some thought into your EDP. It is designed to center your job search activities. If you’ve already completed one, but just filled it in to get it done, you may want to do another. Actually, think about it. Don’t use this as a segue to the “next” step.

You will find the link for the EDP below on the right. If you need help, please reach out to your program coordinator for direction.

Career Planning: Creating a Career Plan

There are many reasons that people face career change. Sometimes career change can comes as the result of a long anticipated layoff while other times it can occur suddenly without warning. But don’t think you’re alone. Know that career change (not job change) happens to everyone sooner or later. The average job-seeker will change careers several times over the course of his or her lifetime. Whatever the reason, the key to having a successful career change is having a good plan. Read More.

​In order to apply, you will need to complete the form and upload your cover letter & resume. If you have any questions, the program coordinator’s email is listed in the form. In order to be eligible for these positions, you must be qualified & enrolled in the Ready to Work NJ Program.

Click HERE to view our listings. Please note that you will have to zoom in on the document to read the position information. Please note we keep job listings for 1 month.

How To Make a Career Change When You Have Know Idea What You’re Doing

It was one of the most difficult periods of my life.

On the surface, I had a great job in a well-known company. I’d done what was expected of me post university. I’d been promoted several times. I had a mortgage, I was travelling with work and had great prospects ahead of me.

Inside though, I was deeply unfulfilled. I wasn’t enjoying my work, I felt like I wasn’t using my full potential, and I longed to wake up feeling like my work was making a difference – to someone or something. Read More.

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